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The State of Education Planning Through the COVID-19 Landscape Survey

The State of Education Planning Through The COVID-19 Landscape1024_1

While we applaud the heroic COVID-19 pandemic efforts from our educational communities, our research found that only 19.47% of educators felt they offered an outstanding education in Fall 2020.

Education is a universal experience for children and young adults of all backgrounds. Through our research, cielo24 assists educators in providing quality educational experiences with the highest levels of student engagement.

Our research outlines educator feedback on their knowledge of their institutions' COVID-19 planning efforts, their use of online resources and technology, and what 2021 academic terms will look like. The report serves to provide data, feedback, and resources to aid professionals through the continuously evolving academic term.

Topics Discussed:

  • Campus preparedness data
  • Adoption trends for remote, in-person, or hybrid instructional models
  • Student preferences and support resources
  • Resource investment breakdowns
  • Constructive comments from participants

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