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Adding Captions to Social Videos

Adding captions to social video is actually affordable, easy, and fast.

Using captions on social media video gives your content a big leg up – boosting engagement, searchability, indexing, ranking, and opening you up to a much larger target audience.

So, why then do so many organizations and content curators fail to caption social videos?

The answer is simple. Adding video captions can seem difficult, time consuming and expensive. And in the break-necked pace of social networking, anything difficult or time consuming can create roadblocks that people seek to avoid.

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In our eBook “Adding Captions to Social Videos: The Means, Motive & Opportunity for Crushing Competition” we will:

  • Explore the advantages of adding captions to social videos
  • Break down the technicalities of the .SRT file and how to build one yourself
  • Share how to add captions to videos on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
    and YouTube
  • Outline how and why to incorporate video transcripts into your social media strategy
  • Provide a 99% Captioning Compliance Checklist
  • Share links to many other helpful accessibility resources

In an increasingly digital era, video captions and audio transcriptions are paramount to extending the reach of your content and creating new growth opportunities. cielo24 proudly works with companies and organizations across the globe on video data solutions that boost your video marketing ROI, improve overall SEO, increase social media content engagement, and meet ADA compliance requirements.