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Machine vs. Human Transcription: Which One You Need & Why

Video content will account for 80% of online traffic by the end of 2019.

And video captions are necessary for search engines to crawl, index and rank said video content, as well as improving content engagement, retention and accessibility compliance.

When it comes to adding captions to your video, which route should one take? Content creators can take one of two routes when applying captions to video – machine transcription or human-verified transcription. There are pros to each (and cons to neither). But how does one decide which investment is the right course of action?

This comprehensive guide simplifies the decision-making process between machine and human transcriptions and allows content creators of all kinds to strategize more efficiently.

In this eBook, Comparing Machine vs. Human Transcription: Which One You Need & Why, you will discover:

  • The definition and difference between captions, subtitles and transcripts
  • The benefits that captions and transcripts bring to your overall content strategy
  • What machine transcription truly involves and when to use it
  • What it really means to get human transcription and when to use it
  • Specific use cases for content developers, educators, researchers and graduate students, government workers, corporate employers, and those in the legal profession

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In an increasingly digital era, the need for accurate video captioning is paramount to reaching and engaging with your audiences.

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