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eBook: Integrating Accessible Design Into Your Organization
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Why is Accessible Design important? Well, to start, 71% of customers with disabilities will leave your website if they find one item that is difficult to use or inaccessible.

These customers represent about 10% of total online spending. Beyond the business benefit, Accessible Design is required by law – the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Sections 504 and 508), WCAG 2.1, and many more. But ultimately, the reason Accessible Design is important is so everyone, including the 1.3 billion people globally who experience some kind of disability, to be able to use the Internet.

Inside the pages of “Integrating Accessible Design into Your Organization: 5 Essential Criteria to Consider” you will discover:

  • The components of Accessible Design
  • The Cost of Accessible Design
  • Selling Accessibility to Your Organization
  • Integrating Accessibility Across Your Organization
  • Continuing Accessible Design
  • More!

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