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Rolling Out a Transcription Program: An Educator’s Guide

cielo24 eBook - Rolling Out a Transcription Program

Online learning is a hot topic for obvious reasons this year. We have all been tasked with massive challenges as COVID-19 continues to impact us all personally and professionally. Not only as a country but as an entire world.

As COVID-19 quickly transformed the higher education landscape, cielo24 partnered with two accessibility-driven campuses, to provide a campus-wide solution for captioning course video and audio content.

This eBook includes campus feedback, tips, and resources for establishing a comprehensive captioning and transcription program that improves learning outcomes for the entire student body.

What's Inside?

  • Training resources for educators, faculty, and students
  • Accessible technologies implementation
  • Guide for securing accessibility funding and utilizing grants
  • Detailed benefits of media transcription
  • Our 99% captioning compliance checklist

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In an increasingly digital era, the need for inclusive technology that meets regulatory standards is paramount to creating new growth opportunities.

cielo24 proudly works with companies and organizations across the globe on video data solutions that comply with state, federal and international requirements for digital content accessibility.

We also offer video data solutions that help universities manage and deliver thousands of hours of online classroom content that meet ADA compliance requirements for education, create growth opportunities for online learning, and improve student performance.