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The Importance of Transcript Keywords: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO

cielo24 eBook COVER - The_Importance_of_Transcript_Keywords

A good keyword strategy is the first step toward getting the right exposure, SEO strategy, and ROI on your content.

Keyword identification within your audio or video content is one of the most exciting benefits of using cielo24's transcription tool. Not all solutions offer such a benefit, but at cielo24 we know that identifying which keywords to target for SEO is half the battle when it comes to making your content become more discoverable online.

Our latest eBook, The Importance of Transcript Keywords: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO, will delve into the best keyword strategies to ensure your content performs well on search engine rankings.

What’s inside?

  • Keywords: important definitions
  • A step-by-step guide to developing a keyword list
  • The role of keywords in your SEO strategy
  • Using keywords for website development, advertising, and content creation
  • Importance of keywords in education
  • And much more...

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In an increasingly digital era, the need for inclusive technology that meets regulatory standards is paramount to creating new growth opportunities.

cielo24 proudly works with companies and organizations across the globe on video data solutions that comply with state, federal and international requirements for digital content accessibility. We also offer video data solutions that help universities manage and deliver thousands of hours of online classroom content that meet ADA compliance requirements for education, create growth opportunities for online learning, and improve student performance.